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Services offered at THE SALON LEPETIE

All services are professionally performed by Yuki, who has made countless clients happy throughout her 30 years of experience as a beautician in Los Angeles, California. In addition to her years of experience, her knowledge of aesthetic service techniques allows for results that exceed expectations. The services are provided in a clean and relaxing private environment, where you will receive one-on-one treatment. 


A lash lift is a treatment to lift your natural lashes to achieve the appearance of fuller, thicker, and longer eyelashes without the use of any leave-on chemicals or extensions. The treatment takes about 45-60 min, and is absolutely pain free! The results last for 6-8 weeks. No more damage from clamping and curling your lashes every morning!

Why Yuki? Yuki believes maintaining healthy lashes/brows is the key to achieving the best results! Olaplex treatment is used to prevent lashes/brows from getting damaged by chemicals. Yuki knows hair!


A brow lamination is a treatment to give your natural eyebrows the appearance of fuller and thicker eyebrows. It will give you control over unruly eyebrows and make it easier to style them into your desired shape. Treatment takes about 40-60 min. A lamination service includes brow shaping as well (hot wax and tweezers). The results typically last for about 6-8 weeks. 


Unwanted hairs are carefully removed with either hot wax or tweezers to achieve the well balanced and beautiful looking eyebrows you desire.


An organic tint is used to carefully color your lashes. Coloring light roots/tips of lashes will give the appearance of longer and fuller lashes. The three most popular lash tints that are used are: Blue black, which is the darkest color and will produce a mascara effect, Natural black, used to achieve a more natural look, and Dark brown, which is used when a client wants a very natural makeup-free look. Colors are determined depending on the look you want to achieve. Tints should last for 6-8 weeks, however, it will fade faster if you use mascara or encounter daily friction from eye makeup removal. 


All natural organic tint is used to color your eyebrows. The color will pick up baby hairs and fill in the gaps to create a fuller brow effect. The color is determined carefully through the consultation. Gradation technique is used to give a more natural result. Tints should last for 4-8 weeks depending on your lifestyle and makeup routine. 


The massage includes head, shoulders, neck, back, and arms. Clients will be seated on a comfortable meditation cushion which will maximize blood circulation. Proper posture and alignment assists you into deep relaxation and helps to relieve tension in the muscles. Benefits of massaging include: reduced muscle tension & knots, lower blood pressure, strengthened immune system, boosted mood, headache relief, and much more. 

Meet Yuki, owner



Yuki's goal is to achieve each client's desired results in the most relaxing environment. She believes that the clients' experience at the salon is as important as the results. She strives to create a welcoming environment which clients look forward to when returning. 
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